Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dirty COW Vulnerability | Copy-on-Write

Dirty COW Vulnerability lived for decades in Linux, while it was patched in October in Kernel and in Linux, Android users have to wait for one month for this fix.

Today, Google included a patch for CVE-2016-5195 in monthly Android Security Bulletin and is the final update for 2016.

Dirty COW was patched in October after it was discovered in public exploits. It could be used by attackers with local access to obtain root privileges on a Linux Android device.

Nvidia GPU drivers video and camera drivers and Nvidia libraries have also received attention in December security update. Google has resolved a number of problems relating to these elements including privileges escalation flaws in the GPU and video drivers, a dangerous privileges flaws in the libmox library and a set information disclosure issue.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

5 Technology Myths | Must Read

Incognito mode: If you use Incognito mode in your browser and you think that no one will able to track you. Incognito mode allows you to hide your history that's all...

Overcharging your phone battery: They say that you charging your phone overnight will damage your battery. But it's not the thing if you charge your phone overnight once your phone battery gets charged it won't allow the current to pass through the battery in short term it won't accept the current because it's fully so your phone is safe and your battery too.

Phone charger: we think that using different phone charger beside the company charger will damage your phone but it's not correct you can use different charger but the voltage output should be the same. Example if your charger output voltage is 5 then you should not use 6 voltage output charger.

Safely remove: We have always used pen drive to store data. After you finish sending files to your pen drive at the eject point we always make sure that we click safely remove we think that safely remove will not harm our data but it's not correct it is not true until you have some processes in background with  are running through pen drive example sending data to your pen drive playing music from to you from your pen drive.

Pressing F5 for refresh: We think that pressing F5 or right click refresh will speed up your computer but it's not true pressing F5 or right click and refresh will refresh your icons. Thing is that it will check for new icons which are yet to be displayed.

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

AirDroid Vulnerability threatens

Guys its and bad news for Android users. If you are an android user then you have used AirDroid. AirDroid is an Android app through which you can send your files to your computer laptop. So the bad news is that Airdroid can be hacked yeah you heard me correct Airdroid can be hacked.

Now you must be thinking how AirDroid can be hacked well his answer AirDroid uses a signal to communicate with your computer or laptop here the signal can we had hack since the signal is not secure it's kind of middleman attack. I hope you all know what is middleman attack.

What is Middleman attack ?
Suppose you are sending a text message to your friend. So here the signal is been captured by another guy in the middle. So your message will be shown to the middle guy and your friend also.

So let's talk about the scenarios that can be hacked it can be most hacked at public places where you are using your AirDroid app to send files to PC. If you happen to use AirDroid at home then you are safe. 

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OnePlus 3T Launched in India | Worth the Money?

Finally, the OnePulse 3T is launched in India. Yes, you heard it correct finally OnePluse has launched 3T in India. 

Let's talk about the price: 

  • The 64Gb Variant will cost 29,999 INR. 
  • The 128GB Variant will cost 34,999 INR.

How you can buy this phone?

Well, you can buy this phone on Amazon on 14th December 12.01AM onwards. 


  • Good Processor
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Camera

Guys if you planning to buy 128GB variant then my suggestion would be don't go for it. If you want more storage then you can use OTG cable and one Pendrive.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Microsoft Clip Layer app for Android

Guys good news from Microsoft they have released a new Android app called clip Layer it will help users to copy and share content even from apps that don't allow content to be copied. The aim of the software is to help Android user to quickly and easily select a snippet of information and which will have to copy and share it in an email.

At present time it's common to use a smartphone to share articles photos directions and much more. But some apps make it easy to do that. But the release of a new app from the Microsoft garage called Clip Layer. With this, you will easily able to share almost anything that appears on the screen.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Aamir Khan's Body Transformation For DANGAL

Is reducing weight is huge task then you should take an example of Bollywood celebrity Aamir Khan. For his recent movie, he has made a huge difference in his body weight if you think that reducing the body weight is an impossible thing then you are wrong. Mantra behind the success is hard work if you put your whole and soul in it then only you will archive it.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to slow down scroll speed in Android Listview

If the scrolling speed of your listview is fast and you want to slow it down so that every item in your list is visible to the user.

 listview.setFtiction(ViewConfiguration.getscollFriction() * 2)  

This will slow down the scrolling speed of your list view.

6 ways to make your lists scroll fast

1. Reduce the number of condition used in the getView of your adapter.
2. Check and reduce the number of garbage collection warning that you get in the logs.
3. If you're loading images while scrolling, get rid of them.
4. Set scrollingCache and animationCache to false.
5. Simply the hierarchy of the list view row layout.
6. use the view holder pattern.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Awesome gameplay FIFA where CHELSEA = CHENNAIYIN FC VS STOKE CITY = FC PUNE CITY. Do check the prediction score line.